Hoarding Express


If there is no way, make one” goes the saying. A proverb that not only captures our ideology but also brings out the reason of how HE came into being. In this day and age of information, where everything is digitalized and being taken online,

the trio behind HE were amazed by the feats that were possible y taking any business online. It was then and there, we decided to not only do something on the same lines but something that would also help the community as a whole.


1. Search: Use our friendly and easy to understand search filters to find the hoarding you need exactly. It’s a lot easier than going around the city looking for a hoarding or talking to numerous agencies and waiting for them to get back to you. HoardingExpress.com is a free hoarding directory for all; available just a few clicks away.

2. Compare: Using our compare hoardings tool compare between all the hoardings of your liking. Find all the information that you need to make a calculated decision at a glance. Choose the most effective hoardings for your business.

3. Send Enquiry: Send your contact details and message to the owner of the hoarding directly. The owner of the exact hoarding you need calls you, not tens of middle men wasting your time, money and energy.


With phase 1 going so well, we are thinking large and launching big. With phase 2 come great functionality, easement and a truck load or more features, we surely think you will be amased. Read through and sign up with us.



Search, filter, compare

find every available hoarding in Banglore!


Compare and choose the right hoarding

based on your budget and need




Simple, just click and voilà

you have booked the hoarding you need